Welcome to the online application to become a resident of Rosewood Condominium Association, Inc.

Please read the instructions below and complete each portion of this application. 

CHECKLIST. Items required to complete this application:

NOTE: The application is not completed until the Management Office receives the document listed below in the Check List Section and the Application Payment. 
Please complete all fields and supply all requested documents. Read the following “Check List” before commencing the application to have all documents ready. If you have any questions, contact the management office at 866-205-2250 or email 


  1. Hard Copy. 
MUST bring to the Office (or mail in – See Mailing instructions below): 
  •  Application Fee: $100 per adult over 18 years old. All adults residing in the property MUST apply and pay the fee. A married couple will pay $100, and marriage certificates MUST be presented to prove marriage. Only “Money orders” or “Cashier checks.” NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR CASH will be accepted - Make the “Money orders” or “Cashier checks” payable to “Rosewood Condominium Association, Inc.”
  • Executed Sales contract or Lease Agreement. All pages. ONE COPY PER HOUSEHOLD 
  • Proof of income. Acceptable documents: Pay stubs; Bank Statement showing Payroll payments. **Must be from all applicants. 
  • Copy of the Valid and Current ID. The expired document will not be accepted. **Must be from all applicants. 
  • If a Married couple, a copy of the Marriage Certificate is. 
  • A signed set of the following documents can be downloaded here **Must be from all applicants.
 ** Mail the Application (Optional). 
Send the mail to:
Rosewood Condominium Association, Inc
PO Box 590035
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33359

Please note: Make sure you send all the above-mentioned comments in the mail piece. Association and Management are not responsible for any lost mail. If you want to track the mail, you MUST arrange to track it with the mailing carrier you use. We will notify you as soon as the mail arrives.

** Bring the document and payment to the office: 
Office location: check this page, click here. 

If you are ready, let's begin!
You will be redirected to another page to begin the application by clicking the bottom below. If you have questions, please contact management at 866-205-2250 or by sending us an email at